All Blue Bar II

The second floor of All Blue Bar opens now! Sanji, Zoro, Brook, Nami, Usopp are waiting for your call! Come on, what are you waiting for?

Active Condition: players who reach lv100 or players who has already recruited 6 crew members from All Blue Bar I.

Crew Member Attribute Inherit

In Chapter 5, the new function-Crew Member Attribute Inherit will be released.

Active condition: For players who reach Lv.80


Click 'crew' when you reach lv 80

You can find the new function 'Inherit' here:


1. Crew above lv.A can inherit once. Crew of the same profession can inherit while the protagonist cannot.

2. For common inheritance, the recipient can receive 70% of the sender's level and 50% of the sender's boost growth(to replace the original growth). For perfect inheritance, the recipient can receive 100% of the sender's level and boost growth (which cannot surpass the growth limit).

3. The sender of the inheritance must not be lower than lv.80. When choosing the perfect inheritance, the recipient can receive 100% of the sender's level and additional growth(which cannot surpass the upper limit).

Guardian Beast Synthesis

In chapter 5, we will add a new function for guardian beast - 'Synthesis'.

Click here to enter Guardian Beast interface.

You will find 'Synthesis' here:

Synthesis Rules:

1) After the synthesis, the secondary guardian beast will disappear. Please operate it after the confirmation.

2) After the synthesis, 70% of secondary guardian beast's extra growth will be automatically and randomly added to the chief guardian beast, the total growth of which shall not exceed its max growth.

3) After the synthesis, if the secondary guardian beast's level is higher than chief guardian beast, then the chief guardian beast upgrades to the same level as the secondary guardian beast (including transfer).

4) If the chief guardian beast's level is higher than the secondary guardian beast's, then the chief one's level remains the same while the secondary one disappears.

New Chapter, New Challenges

In chapter 5, the Straw Hat Pirates will show up, new challenges are waiting for all of you.

New Level:

In Chapter 5, the max level will increase to Lv.130.

New Maps, Dungeons and Trials:

Two new maps will be released too:

1) Long Island

2) Water 7

New Set Gears for players

New set gear for Lv.120 players: Black Moon Series will be released:

New S-Rank Crew Member in North Blue Bar: Kaku