S-rank Crew Member Card in Pirates Shop

2012-09-04 04:59:17

Check this please:



Four S-Rank crew members of East Blue Bar: Gin, Buggy, Shura and Satori Forest! Come and buy them, you will have them directly instead of endless convene. Details as follows:

1. [S]Crew Member-Gin Pack: Crew Member-Gin Card*1, Medium Exp Card*5, Training Potion*10.

2. [S]Crew Member-Buggy Pack: Crew Member-Buggy Card*1, Medium Exp Card*5, Training Potion*10.

3. [S]Crew Member-Shura Pack: Crew Member-Shura Card*1, Medium Exp Card*5, Training Potion*10.

4. [S]Crew Member-Gin Pack: Crew Member-Satori Forest Card*1, Medium Exp Card*5, Training Potion*10.



1) Each account on one server is limited to buy gift box of each level only one time, it's useless to buy more than one.

2) Check your backpack after your purchased. Items will be sent directly to your backpack in game.

3) Click to use the crew member card,you can find this crew member in your logbook in the game. it costs another 10 gold to convene him/her.



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