Pockie pirates ---the world to the foodies

2012-10-16 22:08:34

There are many classic moments in Pockie Pirates and One Piece that have moved us. Meanwhile, there are surely some funny yet memorable moments in Pockie Pirates and One Piece, such as when Luffy became a foodie and Chopper held its cotton candy. 


Duration: Oct. 17th ,  2012 – Oct. 23rd, 2012 (CDT)



Delicious cuisine are created from imagination. You may become a good cook or epicure. So let's collect and show the most creative taste with characters from Pockie pirates or their prototype in the anime. Images from other anime will be disqualified when we judging the award.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

1.Your picture must be related to One Piece

2.Logo of Pockie pirates must be included in your work(Download here)

3.Upload your final work to Pockie pirates on Facebook, add your game account, sever and IGN. See example below:

(Note: Account of Facebook players is your Facebook email address)

4.You can also make a works for PN & your own server

5.Submit your entry to our Facebook fan page wall. You can submit more than 1 entry, but don't post one entry repeatedly.

6.We will choose winners when the event is ended. All of them will earn rewards

7.Winner list will be announced on Oct. 25th , 2012 (CDT) on Pockie pirates official site, Facebook and Forum.

8.Rewards will be sent within 3-5 working days after the announcement of the winners. Please claim your reward on corresponding server. (Note: One account can only claim reward once. You must leave correct information, otherwise you'll be disqualified)

9 Game321 reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.



Notice:  Valid entries must be submitted after Oct.17

Please note that the number of Likes will be calculated from the start of the event. If you upload your entry in advance, the Likes gained beforehand will not count.


1)No.1 entry that receives the most 'Likes': 1,000,000 silver, vitality potion*1, Guardian Beast: Momoo*1.

2)No.2-No.10 entries that receive the most 'Likes': 500,000 silver, Vitality potion(small)*2

3)No.11-N.20 entries that receive the most 'Likes': 200,000 silver.


Thank you for your continuous support to Pockie pirates. We'll keep up the hard work and bring you the best gaming experience. Enjoy the game!

Pockie pirates Operating Group

Oct. 17th , 2012

1. Pockie Pirates gives you a stage of dream that you can enjoy adventure, friendship, and passion here.

2. Pockie Pirates is a game that full of passion and adventure.Wanna rock the sea? Join us!

3. One of the most popular MMORPG games of the year, Pockie Pirates, tell the world that dreams never die!