Pockie Pirates Slogan Collection Activity

2012-11-15 21:53:22

Dear Pirates,

Unleash your imagination and creativity, speak out your ideal Pockie Pirates slogan and walk away with handsome prizes! We're now collecting slogans for Pockie Pirates. When an inspiration hits you, write it down and share with us. It might become our final choice.


2012.11.16--2012.11.22 (GMT -6)

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1.Any entries found to have been plagiarized will be disqualified.

2.Slogan should highlight adventure, dream, friendship, passion and tenacity. It should also sounds call to action. (In case of similar slogans, whichever submitted first will be valid)

3.The key words can be Luffy, Robin, Chopper and other popular One Piece characters.

4.The slogan should consists of title and body. Title cannot exceed 25 characters while body cannot exceed 90 characters.

Example 1:Title: Best Pirate Game!

Body:Set Sail, Pirate! Recruit The Crew, Fly The Pirate Flag, And Conquer The Grand Line!

Example 2:Title: Adventure With Luffy

Body:Follow Pirate King's Path, Fight For Your Glory And Become A Renowned Pirate!

Example 3:Title: One Piece Hunt 

Body:Throw Yourself Into The Great Pirate Age And Hunt For One Piece!

5.Each player can submit unlimited number of slogans.

6.NGames will choose several best slogans for game promotion and reward the winners.

7.The final interpretation right of this activity is reserved by NGames.

Rewards:(20-50 winners) 50gold, Vitality Potion(Small)*1

We'll hold events like this irregularly and welcome all of you to participate. Thanks for your support to Pockie Pirates!


Pockie Pirates Operating Group

2012, November 16th

1. Pockie Pirates gives you a stage of dream that you can enjoy adventure, friendship, and passion here.

2. Pockie Pirates is a game that full of passion and adventure.Wanna rock the sea? Join us!

3. One of the most popular MMORPG games of the year, Pockie Pirates, tell the world that dreams never die!