More Pockie Pirates Chapter III: The Royal Seven Details Revealed

2012-09-05 21:49:20

NGames lift the cloak on four new gameplay systems

Publisher NGames has revealed more details of the features to be introduced to Pockie Pirates when new expansion Chapter III: The Royal Seven hit the game late August.

Launching late August, Chapter 3: The Royal Seven promises to flood the world of Pockie Pirates with brand new islands and dangerous new adventures. Following the reveal of the powerful new All Blue Crew members, NGames has today announced four additional new gameplay systems set to be introduced to the Pockie Pirates world.

Gear Melting

A pirates life is one of plundering and exciting adventure (and drinking way more rum than doctors recommend), but with all those treasure chests discovered, it's only natural to end up with more gear than needed.

Chapter III: The Royal Seven will add a useful Gear Melting tool to Pockie Pirates, which allows players to melt their unused gear and gain new materials for upgrades.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!
Clothes Set Recast and Upgrading System

Players will be able to make their pirates stand out from the crowd of captains with new clothes sets, which upgrade the stats of their characters as well as their appearance. The required materials for clothes set synthesis can all be obtained through battle.

Weapons and gear can also be synthesized and upgraded through the system.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

A new Mall will be introduced to go hand-in-hand with the Gear melting and Synthesis systems. For players who don't want to wait until they find the gear through battle, the VIP mall provides an opportunity to pick up bargains during Flash Sales in exchange for plundered gold.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!
Force System and Impel Down Refinements

With Chapter III: The Royal Seven, two key refinements will be made to the Pockie Pirates experience. A new Force System will let players view the effect new Crew Members and their equipped items will have on their overall stats. Meanwhile, NGames have toned down the difficulty level of the Impel Down challenge, following complaints from players that it was too difficult.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

Featuring a brand new Schibukai system – a powerful player led government with seats earned through constant tournaments – new All Blue adventures and major gameplay optimizations, “Chapter 3 – The Royal Seven” promises to be the biggest and best Pockie Pirates expansion to date.

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Pockie Pirates blends strategy and tactics with an entertaining game plot. It features cute characters and quality-designed backgrounds, combined with dazzling skills to present gamers a thrilling and exciting adventure around the sea.

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