Looks Can Be Deceiving in Pockie Pirates

2012-11-22 00:05:18

NGames reveal some of the most powerful and ridiculous looking crew members awaiting players in One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates


Publisher NGames has revealed some of the most powerful – and utterly ridiculous looking – characters that players can discover and recruit in One Piece browser-based adventure MMO, Pockie Pirates.

With the recent release of “Chapter 5 – The Straw Hats”, the vast world of One Piece browser-based MMO, Pockie Pirates is teeming with crew members desperate to join a ship. But don't let their appearances fool you. Sometimes, the silliest looking characters can also be the most powerful.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

Take Luffy's close ally, Buggy for example. A bumbling bad guy with a big red nose who's comedic exploits and pathetic history often mask his potential. Buddy is actually a very strong pirate, capable of unleashing wicked spinning dart attacks that can turn any battle in his crews favour. Plus he looks like a clown, which is always creepy. Shudder.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

Then there's Hatchen, an A-rank Swordsman recruitable at Lvl. 50. So what if he's a bumbling, slow, and ridiculous looking octopus fisherman – anybody who gets in the way of his Six-Sword Waltz attack will soon be sorry they stopped to point and laugh at him.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

Mr.5is often ridiculed for looking like a drop out rock star. But beneath his spiky hair and Mick Jagger lips lay some extremely powerful attacks – none more so than his Silent Bomb ability, which can stun and inflict 150% physical damage on anybody it targets. He can do a moonwalk too.

Pockie Pirates is a pirate inspired MMORPG webgame. Wanna be the Pirate King, Fight!

Pirates should step carefully around Magellan. The venom dripping Venom-Venom Fruit user may look like he's in need of a good shower, but get too close and his Poison Dragon attack can drain his enemies health for days on end. Captains looking to form a perfectly balanced crew would do well to match Megallan up with some speedy pirates.

There are tons of well known anime characters awaiting players in Pockie Pirates' world. Pirates should never forget that even the most ridiculous looking characters could be a great addition to their crew. So get recruiting!


“Chapter 5: The Straw Hats” was recently release for Pockie Pirates, adding even more new characters and game modes to the popular One Piece MMO. Players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321: http://pirates.game321.com/

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About Pockie Pirates:

Pockie Pirates is the first horizontal version of RPG webgame released by Game321. Based on the theme of dream, passion, youth and friendship, players take on the role of a young pirate determined to find legendary treasures and become the King of Pirates. In the game, players will be confronted with various difficulties and need to root out enemies before they make their dream come true.

Pockie Pirates blends strategy and tactics with an entertaining game plot. It features cute characters and quality-designed backgrounds, combined with dazzling skills to present gamers a thrilling and exciting adventure around the sea.

What could be more appealing than having a number of trustworthy buddies, a dream pirate ship, and an island of your own? Seek the legendary treasure and to become the king of the Pirates on Game321 now!

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