Pockie Pirates Updates on October 16th

2012-10-15 03:11:08

On 10/16/2012 at 02:00 AM GMT-5, all Pockie Pirates servers will be taken down for maintenance and to implement a new patch. The whole process is expected to last around 3 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Pockie Pirates Operations Team

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Pockie Pirates Patch Notes – Chapter 4 (10/16):

1. New Guardian Beast system at level 30. Currently there are 4 different pets (ChouChou, Momoo, Carue and Kung Fu Dugong) to accompany you and support you in battle.

2. New items:

- Guardian Beast EXP Card: used by your guardian beast to gain EXP

- Primary Energy Ball: Used to increase your guardian beast's growth stats

- Advanced Energy Ball: Used to greatly increase your guardian beast's growth stats

- Guardian Beast Skill Book: Used to upgrade your Guardian Beast skills

3. Battle of Marineford event: Battle the marines and attempt to save Ace in this new event. Check ingame for more details.

4. New Davy Back Fight system available at level 70, a great way to gain EXP (if you can win).

5. New All Blue crew members: SS-rank Law and S-rank Perona.

6. New West Blue crew member: A-rank Foxy.

7. Merchant fleet optimization: Plundering at sea is no longer based on combat strength, but rather merchant fleet level. The success rate of plundering is (from [D] Merchant Fleet to [S] Royal Fleet): 75%, 65%, 55%, 45%, 35%. Revenue gained from plundering is equal to 20% of the ship's basic output. Every ship can only be plundered twice.

8. Elite Battle design was redone. Check out the new style!

9. Fixed the auto spectator bug with Team Battles.

10. Level 3 Fury Shells have been removed from the VIP shop and have been replaced by Guardian Beast Eggs Momoo and Carue.

11. Shells Town's pub has been closed. The first pub you see will be in Orange Town and require your character to be level 24.

12. New VIP benefit: At VIP level 1, there’s no longer a cooldown on upgrading aptitude

13. New VIP benefit: At VIP level 4, there’s no longer a cooldown for enhancing gear

14. Level 1-30 is a VIP trial period, which removes the cooldown on aptitude/enhancing gear, as well as allowing you to use “Skip Battle”.

15. A-rank Alvida (the fat one) will now join your crew after you defeat her in the story mode battle “Battle of Alvida”

16. Skill descriptions have been fixed and revamped some crew skills:

-Black Vortex (Blackbeard): Damage increased.

-Thread Puppet (Doflamingo):Skill target is now the enemy with the lowest physical defense.

-Champion Fist (Burgess):Skill description fixed. Damage against stunned targets has been increased to 800%.

-Funeral (Lafitte): You now regain 100 fury when this skill hits, as opposed to regaining fury when you kill a target with it.

-Night of Dark Shadow (Sniper):Dodge effect increased and lasts for 1 turn.

-Shadow Pounce (Sniper): Additional damage is now done based on the user’s agility. Also increases your dodge by 50% for 1 turn.

-St. Elmo's Fire (Ace): Slightly lowered chance of burning enemies.

-Love-Love Mellow (Boa Hancock): Skill now does damage to all enemies, but only has a chance to stun all enemies for 1 turn. Enemies still have their defenses increased by 50% while stunned.

-Death Apple (Doc Q):Skill has been changed to damaging/healing an enemy for (Doc Q’s max HP * 2x non-attribute damage). Success rate increases with intelligence.

-Holy Blessing (Character Doctor):Lowered overall buff effect to 50% of the original value, with an additional increase based on your intelligence. However, skill now has a 100% hit rate and heals for 13% of your magical attack.

-Fallen Star (Navigator):Adjusted the damage and stun rate. Damage also increases with your intelligence.

-Shark Fist (Jinbe):Non-attribute damage increased to Fury * 200.

Pockie Pirates Operations Team

October 15th, 2012

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