New Server Franky Family Arrives

2012-11-21 07:06:56

Dear pirates,

The new Server Franky Family released at 08:00am GMT-6, November 14th 2012. Ready to rock in the new server? Come on! Be the man of the sea, pirate king!

New Server Events:

1. [Event Name]:Top Up and Win

[Event Time]:08:00am November 21st -24:00 November 28th ,2012(GMT-6)

[Event Content]:Charge required amount of gold in one go to win extra rewards! (1 Golden Bean=40 Gold)

[Event Rewards]:

Amount of Gold








Vitality Potion

Salvage Rope

Warship Upgrade Card



















































1)For example:if you buy 500 gold, you'll earn extra 50,000 Silver and 50 gold.

2)You can win rewards multiple times as long as you meet the requirement.

3)You can go to event panel and collect your rewards.


2. [Event Name]:New Server First Week Consume Event

[Event Time]:08:00am November 21st -24:00 November 28th ,2012(GMT-6)

[Event Content]:Spend gold to make yourself stronger.The more you spend, the more bonus you will receive.

[Event Rewards]:First week consume event for new server, spend more, receive more.

[Event Rules]:

1)Spend 100 gold to get: 5gold, 10,000silver, Training Potion*3

2)Spend 500 gold to get: 25gold, 50,000silver, Basic Exp Card*5, Avatar Card*2( help you transform free)

3)Spend 800 gold to get: 40gold, 80,000silver, Advanced call up*1, Medium Exp card*2.

4)Spend 1200 gold to get: 60gold, 120,000silver, Advanced call up*2, Medium Exp card*3.

5)Spend 2000 gold to get: 100gold, 200,000silver, Super call up*1, Advanced Exp card*3, [A]Gem Ring*1

6)Spend 5000gold to get: 200gold, 500,000silver, Super call up*2, Advanced Exp card*5, [A] Soul of Sea Ring.


3. [Event Name]:First-Time Top-Up Gifts

[Event Time]:Permanently

[Event Content]:Players who buy 200 gold or more for the first time will be rewarded.

[Event Reward]:Vitality Potion *1,, Lv.1 Shells Chest*2, Super Call-up*1 (Worth 500 gold), Super silver card*2, Spirit Flame blade*1, Saint Angel Staff*1and all benefits for Lv.1 VIP.

Note:Please click the First Top-up Gifts to claim your rewards.


4. [Event Name]:Crew Members Wanted!

[Event Time]:Permanently

[Event Content]:Recruit advanced level crew from the bar. You'll be rewarded with every requirement you meet.





EXP Card

Has 3 purple crew



Basic EXP Card x15

Has 3 orange crew



Basic EXP Card x15

Has 2 red crew



Medium EXP Card x15


1.You can claim rewards of each rank once only. You don't need to follow the order listed above to recruit crews.

2.Dismissed crew won't be counted.

3.You can go to 'Activities' in the game and collect your rewards.


5. [Event Name]:Newbie Gifts Up for Grabs

[Event Time]:Permanently

[Event Rules]:Claim Newbie Card on the left side of the official site, enter the key to redeem rewards.

Where to claim the card: Pockie Pirates official site

Newbie Card Gift Box: Silver*50,000, Warship Upgrade Card*2, Gold*50


6. [Event Name]:Online Gold Giveaway

[Event Time]:Permanently

[Event Rules]:From the start of open beta, all players who create characters and enter the game can claim 200 gold. Let's set sail to the Grand Line with a head start!


7.[Event Name]:Level Up and Win!

[Event Time]:Starting from the New Server

[Event Content]:Reach required level to win awesome prizes! You can check your backpack for the rewards.


Gift Box


Lv.10 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.20 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*10, Gold*20, Famous Blade the Moonsplit, Soul Collecting Staff

Lv.20 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.30 Gift Box*1, Gold*30, Lv.20 Blue Gear Set *1(4 Armors + 2 Weapons)

Lv.30 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.40 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50, Gold*40, Salvage Rope*3

Lv.40 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.50 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50, Gold*40, Salvage Rope*5

Lv.50 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.55 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50,Gold*50,Salvage Rope*5

Lv.55 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.60 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50,Gold*50,Salvage Rope*5

Lv.60 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.65 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50, Gold*50, Salvage Rope*10

Lv.65 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.70 Gift Box*1, Basic Silver Card*50, Gold*50, Salvage Rope*10

Lv.70 Growth Gift Box

Includes: Lv.75 Gift Box*1, Medium Silver Card*50, Gold*100, Salvage Rope*10


8. [Event Name]:Online Gift Box

[Event Time]:Since you login to the game

[Event Server]:New Server

[Event Content]:All players can claim the online gift box since log in the game. The longer you stay online, the better gifts you will receive.

[Event Rule]:You can claim once only. Online Gift box will disappear when you claim all gifts.

[Event Reward]:

Claim Condition


Stay online 1 minute

20 gold

Stay online 3 minutes

Basic Silver Card *5

Stay online 5 minutes

Basic Silver Card *10

Stay online 8 minutes

Basic Silver Card *20

Stay online 10 minutes

Training Potion*10

Stay online 30 minutes

40 gold

Stay online 1 hour

60 gold

Stay online 2 hours

80 gold


9.[Event Name]:Continuous Login Rewards

[Event Time]:Since you log in to the game.

[Event Server]:New Server

[Event Content]:Log in to the game every day for great rewards.

[Event Rule]:Stay online continuously and gain treasure chest reward accordingly. If you fail to log in 1 day during this period, your record will be reset to day 1.

[Event Reward]:

Login Days


Day 1

20 gold

Day 2

20 gold, Training Potion*5

Day 3

30 gold, Vitality Potion*1

Day 4

30 gold, Basic Silver Card*15

Day 5

20 gold、Vitality Potion*1

Day 6

30 gold、Basic Silver Card*50

Day 7

50 gold、Vitality Potion*1


1)Log in rewards will be reset after you staying online for 7 days.

2)Claim first day rewards that you should do it on the second day.


10. [Event Name]:Pockie Pirates Star

[Event Time]:08:00am November 21st -24:00 November 28th ,2012(GMT-6)

[Event Server]:New Server

[Event Content]:Wanna be the super star of Pockie Pirates? Come and join us

[Event Rule]:We will check the Arena and Player level after 7 days. Top 10 players will receive gold rewards.

[Event Reward]:

Top 10 Levels of Players:Top 10 players in Arena

Rank 1:800 Gold Rank 1: 800 Gold

Rank 2 - 5:400 Gold Rank 2 - 5:400 Gold

Rank 6 - 10:200 Gold Rank 6 - 10:200 Gold


1)Gold will be sent by GM in 3 days.

2)If you are strong enough and rank top in both Level and Arena, you'll win 1600 gold!


11. [Event Name]:Pockie Pirates Legion Star
[Event Time]:08:00am November 21st -24:00 November 28th ,2012(GMT-6)

[Event Server]:New Server

[Event Content]:Wanna be the strongest legion in Pockie Pirates? Prove it to everyone!

[Event Rule]:Attend Pirate Legion Fight and win credits. We will give away gold rewards to the top 3 legion chairmen.

[Event Reward]:

Rank 1:800 gold

Rank 2:400 gold

Rank 3:200 gold

Notice:Rewards will be sent by GM in 3 days.


12. [Event Name]:VIP Extra Bonus

[Event Time]:Start from 08:00am November 21st ,2012

[Event Description]:Come on to be the VIP of Pockie Pirates, plenty of extra bonus await!

[Event Rules]:We've prepared bonus for all level of VIP, charge to become the VIP and you'll get your VIP bonus. Each bonus can only be acquired once only. If you are already a VIP before, you can also claim it.

[Event Rewards]:Bonus for

VIP 1:Super silver card*2

VIP2:Advanced call up*1

VIP3:Lv3 Shell chest*1, Vitality potion (Small)*2

VIP4:Thunder Jade*2, Heart of Nerve*2, Mermaid Tears*3, Lv3 Physical Attack Shell*1, Vitality Potion(small)*2

VIP5:Thunder Jade*4, Heart of Nerve*4, Mermaid Tears*6, Lv4 Fury Shell*1, Vitality potion(small)*3.

VIP6:Thunder Jade*10, Heart of Nerve*10, Mermaid Tears*15, Lv5 Crit hit shell*1, Vitality potion*1.

VIP7:Emerald*6, Heart of Nerve*12, Mermaid Tears*15, Lv5 Magic attack shell*1, Vitality Potion.

VIP8:Emerald*12, Heart of Nerve*24, Mermaid Tears*30, Lv6 Magic Defense Shell*1.

VIP9:Turquoise Jade*10, Heart of Nerve*25, Mermaid Tears*40, Super Call Up*1, Lv8 fury shell*1, Vitality Potion *2

VIP10:Turquoise Jade*20, Heart of Nerve*50, Mermaid Tears*80, Lv10 Fury Shell,*1, Vitality Potion*3


Pockie Pirates Operating Team

November 21st ,2012

1. Pockie Pirates gives you a stage of dream that you can enjoy adventure, friendship, and passion here.

2. Pockie Pirates is a game that full of passion and adventure.Wanna rock the sea? Join us!

3. One of the most popular MMORPG games of the year, Pockie Pirates, tell the world that dreams never die!