The Result of "Pockie Pirates Slogan Collection Activity"

2012-11-30 03:10:29

Dear players,

Pockie Pirates Slogan Collection Activityhas come to a terrific end. Thank you for your support and participation. We really appreciate your wonderful works and hope that you can continue showing your talent in our future activities.

Now, here comes the final result of "Pockie Pirates Slogan Collection Activity". We picked the winners from all participants.


50gold, Vitality Potion (Small)*1

Here is the winner list (in no particular order):



Server: 2

In-Game Name: ✰Fallen✰

Server: 2

In-Game Name: Draiga

Server: 10

In-Game Name: [Ryely]Kel

Server: 5

In-Game Name: master_SAI

Server: 7

In-Game Name: Samidare

Server: 4

In-game name: reason3

Server: 5

In-game name: kjap

Server: 14

In-game name: NinAmazon

Server: 1

In-game name: nilbeeks

Server: 10

In-game name: [Ryely]Kel

Server: 6

In-game name: Nice_One

Server: 13

In-game name: Mohammed

Rewards will be sent within 3~5 working days after this announcement. One account can claim rewards once only, and it will be sent to the account on the server you submitted with your work. If winner of the event gives us inaccurate personal information or cannot be contacted due to inaccurate personal information, and doesn't make corrections in time, we'll regard it as withdrawal from the event and stop sending rewards.


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Nov.30th, 2012

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