Pockie Pirates Server 1 and 2 Merge Information

2012-12-03 02:11:38

Dear players,


As some of you may be aware, Pockie Pirates servers 1 and 2 have been experiencing certain lag-related issues. In order to fix these issues while maintaining a healthy server population, we will be merging the two servers together and deleting inactive characters.


Servers being merged:

Server 1:Fushia Village

Server 2:Shells Island

Time:Tuesday, December 4th at 12:30 AM (GMT-6)


Please be aware of the following rules for both deletion of inactive characters, as well as server merges:


Deletion of Inactive Characters Information:

A Pockie Pirates character is considered inactive (and will be deleted during the merge) if it meets every criterion below:

-Has not logged in for 30 days

-No top-up record

-Character level lower than 30

-Not a legion leader

-Arena rank lower than 3,000

Server Merge Rules and Introduction:

1.After the merge, players with identical names will have the server number appended to the end: e.g., “Luffy.s1” and “Luffy.s2”.

2.Legions with the same name will also have their names changed following the above rule.

3.Arena ranks will be reset after the merge. Players will have to compete again.

4.Shichibukai Tournament ranks and reward will be reset. Players will have to compete again.

5.After the merge, Whitebeard’s HP and level will be determined by whichever of the 2 servers is the lowest.

6.Players have to capture workers again after the server merge.

7.All mail and chat records will be deleted after the server merge. Players are reminded to check all mail before deletion.

8.Newbie and Media Card CDKEY gift packs will expire after the server merge.

9.Dungeon, Campaign, Impel Down and other character progress will be saved after the server merge.

10.Players must await a new One Competition to unlock and earn a rank after the server merge.

11.Player affiliations will remain unchanged after the server merge.

12.Legion Battle credits will be reset after the server merge.


Other Important Information:

1.Players accounts will remain unchanged. Those with characters from both merged servers will be able to select either when playing (simply select the appropriate server when logging in).

2.Top-up information will be retained after the server merge. Players can top up as usual.

3.Crew members will be removed from your warship after the server merge, so be sure to place them back into formation before a battle.

4.All equipped items will be unequipped and placed in your bag after the server merge, so be sure to re-equip them.

5.All Shadows will be unequipped and placed in your Shadow Inventory after the server merge, so be sure to re-equip them.

6.A compensation of 200 gold and 200,000 silver will be given to all characters from both servers.

7.There will be a new Arena Star event, with rewards will be given to the top 10 players in the arena after a week.


Pockie Pirates Operations Team

December 3rd, 2012

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