Pockie Pirates Updates on December 7th

2012-12-06 03:53:08

Hello all,

On December 7th, 2012 at 00:30 AM GMT-6, all Pockie Pirates servers will be taken down to implement a new patch. The whole process is expected to last around 2-3 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Pockie Pirates Patch Notes (12/7):

1.The Daily Quest and Daily Secretary area has been combined into a new system. The reset time is 00:00 AM (GMT-6) every day.

2.Impel Down is now available to level 28 and higher players. Three Newbie Impel Down and one Advanced Impel Down levels were added, making the total 10 floors.

3.Prestige is now the only reward from Impel Down. Previous currencies will be automatically converted to Prestige based on the following rate (Ordeal Points to Prestige: 1:10; Medal of Honor to Prestige: 1:5000; Medal of Growth to Prestige: 1:10000)

4.Leveling up Character Aptitude in Impel Down now only costs Prestige. Character Aptitude is available to level 35 and higher players.

5.Auto-challenge has been added to Impel Down and is available to all players.

6.Made Chain Attack free to use in campaign mode. Reduced chain attack’s time: 30 seconds to complete 1 chain attack; for VIP6 and higher players, 1 second is needed to complete 1 chain attack.

7.Greatly increased the silver reward from level 1 to 35 Main Quests. Added 4 level 30 purple gear to Lv.20-30 quest rewards; Added 1 set of purple gear to Lv.30 Growth Pack; Added level 40 (Thunder God) weapon set scrolls and some synthesis materials to Lv.40 Growth Pack.

8.Reduced the difficulty level of pirates appearing at the beginning Lv.41; Lv.41 and higher difficulty levels remain the same. Optimized NPC pirate’s name colors based on its difficulty. Lv.1-34 normal campaign is displayed in blue and elite campaign in purple (certain pirates); Lv.35-70 normal campaign is displayed in purple and elite campaign in orange (certain pirates); Lv.71-130 normal campaign is displayed in orange and elite campaign in red (certain pirates).

9.Players can now play each dungeon free of charge twice per day. For 3 times and more, players will have to spend Gold. The price and price increase remain the same.

10.Greatly increased dungeon auto-play time.

11.Greatly increased the drop rates of various gears.

12.Perfect Synthesis is now available for Guardian Beasts at 2000 Gold per use.

13.Added 5 grades of Meld Fiends, which are Shadows only meant to be devoured by other Shadows for EXP.

14.Increased the rate of high quality shadows appearing.

15.Made Merchant Fleet available at Lv.27.

16.Changed VIP benefits. Introduced chain attack and changed daily quest active points.

17.Reduced the defense of Battle of Marineford Marines and Shichibukai while raising their HP

18.Revamped some skills:

Swordsman’s Endless Sky: Attacks all enemies to inflict 100% physical damage and extra damage based on your strength. Reduces physical and magic damage taken by 70% for 2 rounds

Brook’s Fantasia: Attacks all enemies to inflict 200% physical damage with a chance to put targets to sleep for 2 rounds (Targets are stunned for the duration unless damage is taken, but the damage will increase by 50%). The damage percentage increases with strength.

Chopper’s Dancing Cherry Blossom: Heals your entire crew and restores 10% of the individual max HP every round for 2 rounds. One random crew member on your side also has their fury increased by 100. HP recovery percentage increases with wis/int.

Law’s Operating Room: Attacks the enemy target with the lowest magic defense to inflict 300% magic damage and turns the additional damage (=10% of the enemy target’s HP) into HP, restoring your team. The damage percentage increases with the crew wit.

19.Fixed a bug with Robin’s skill.


Pockie Pirates Operations Team

December 6th, 2012

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